Blue Podded Pea (Blauwschokkers)
'Blue Podded' peas.

Blue Podded Pea (Blauwschokkers)

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Blue Podded Pea Certified Naturally Grown Seed

85 days — An old Dutch soup pea variety, Blauwschokkers simply means "blue pod" in Dutch. It may be the same as the Swedish 'Bla Orta' pea. This variety reaches the dry soup stage in about 85 to 100 days. They are also quite good immature as an edible podded pea but are a bit bland and too starchy for using as fresh shelled peas.

Even if you do not like to eat peas, this is a beautiful plant to grow simply for its ornamental value. The vines grow to about six feet in height and do require something to climb. The bi-colored flowers are shades of lavender and purple with the pods developing into a deep bluish-purple. This dark colored pods really stand out against the background of the bright green leaves making them very easy to pick. It is a good choice for a children's garden.  The peas are grayish-brown and wrinkled.

In Holland, like that of many Northern European cultures, the standard mealtime fare tends to be wholesome, unabashed, comfort foods that stick with a person through the cold. Soup peas have a long tradition in Dutch cuisine where they are used as the basis of "Erwtensoep", also called "snert." Snert is a thick stew of peas, pork, celeriac, onions, leeks, carrots, and often potatoes. Slices of rookworst (a Dutch smoked sausage) are added right before serving. It is customarily served with rye bread (roggebrood) and bacon, cheese or butter. Depending on one's preference, the pork and sausage from the soup can be eaten on rye bread along with mustard.

Each packet contains one ounce, which is approximately 90 seeds and generally enough to plant at least a ten foot row.
Exactly as advertised, almost.
Perfect germination, indifferent to weather. No pest or disease problems at all. Exactly as advertised, almost. Six foot vines, heavy producer; superb as a pod pea, superior as a soup pea, but also just fine as a table pea in between. If space is a problem, this triple-use item might be for you. Will be a permanent resident here.
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Reviewed by:  from NW PA. on 7/19/2013
Delicious and grows very well.
I used this primarily for the immature peas, which were lovely in stir fries and pasta, and didn't lose their color when cooked like most things. I also used extra sprouts in food. Shell peas were good by themselves when young, but I agree with Victory Seeds that the mature seeds are too starchy for it. They make excellent soup, though. Several of the pods split and dropped seeds before I could get to the mature, dry peas, and they continued to germinate long into the summer. I just collected the new sprouts to use.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Pomona, CA. on 8/13/2016
Beautiful purple pods
We get a lot of compliments because of the purple pods. These are great as young pods, my daughter likes to wait until the peas start to form. These are easy to dry and save for soups and for seed next year. For some reason the slugs also love our peas. Even so, we still plan to grow these every year because they eliminate the need for any other kind of pea.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Grayslake, Il. on 7/26/2019
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