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'Klejeski' pea vines. Photo by Dan Jenski.

Klejeski Pea
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70 days — 'Klejeski' peas are an edible-podded or snow pea variety whose productive vines can reach over six feet in height. They are vigorous with beautiful lavender and magenta flowers that develop into crisp, sweet pods that are harvested before the seeds begin to develop while they are two to three inches long. Left to fully mature, the pods contain six to eight seeds each.

In December of 2012 we received an email from a gardener in New Jersey named Dan Jenski who asked our favorite question, "I would like to ensure my great-grand mother's heirloom peas live on and would like to know if you take seed donations?" He went on to explain, "My grandmother's family [the Tomczak family] brought these peas with them from Poland around 1890. My great-uncles and their children (and their children) have grown them for over 120 years."

As these questions often do, it lead to a nice conversation about biodiversity preservation, family history, and more information about the variety. Over the course of several emails, he told us:
"I got twenty-five seeds from my great-uncle and planted them all last year [2011]; and saved all the seeds. He had grown them for over sixty years on his farm in Minnesota. Most of my cousins who have grown these peas live in Minnesota. I fondly remember these in my grandmother's garden."
Dan also told us that they also like to eat the young vines as you would a "green." The vines are so prolific that trimming a few and eating as a green vegetable doesn't really impact the actual pea harvest. The young vines are very good steamed or stir fried.

Each packet contains 0.5 ounce, which is approximately 65 to 70 seeds and is generally enough to plant at least a ten foot row.

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