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Neapolitan Pepper
'Neapolitan' pepper.
Neapolitan Pepper
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Neapolitan Certified Naturally Grown Seed

65 days — 'Neapolitan' is a very early, sweet and mild pepper with three lobed fruits, measuring four inches by two inches that grow upright on the sturdy, compact plants.

It makes a beautiful show of changing colors. Starting with a light yellowish-green hue it changes to a darker lime green then to burnt-orange and finishing in a brilliant red. Very beautiful with all the different shades and colors on the plant at the same time.

Plants are strong, vigorous and continue to bear until frost. Production is very heavy with a single plant providing up to thirty to forty mature fruit at a time. This is a Dunton family favorite that we use as a frying pepper, fresh, frozen, pickled and jellied.

click for recipe for Mike's mother's "Red Pepper Jelly" recipe.

The 'Neapolitan' pepper was introduced by William Henry Maule in 1904 after they noticed, ". . . a few Italian [market] gardeners were sending peppers by the carload to New York, Boston, Philadelphia and even Chicago, one to three weeks earlier than any other pepper could be shipped."[1]  After searching for the source, they found that the pepper originated from a small settlement of Italians located a few miles from Maule's Panmure Farm in South Jersey.[1,2] In their 1904 seed catalog, Maule stated that, "With considerable difficulty I secured a small quantity of the seed at an extravagant price."[1] 

'Neapolitan' was unique and desirable enough that by 1907, Maule, Johnson & Stokes, Dreer, Bolgiano, Vaughan, Henderson, Olds and T. W. Woods had introduced it to their customers as well.

Our original seed sample was sent ot us by David Pendergrass whose source was USDA GRIN Accession Number NSL 20165. It was reportedly submitted to the USDA's seed storage facility back in 1962 by the short-lived and now long gone, SRS Seed Company.[2] Each packet contains 0.25 gram, which is approximately 30 seeds.

Informational References:
  1. "The Maule Seed Book for 1904," William Henry Maule.
  2. Garden and Farm Manual," Johnson and Stokes, 1905.
  3. SRS Seed Company (Seed Research Specialists Seed) was founded in 1958 with the merger of five smaller, family-owned, California based seed companies. It was subsequently sold in 1965 with the new owners changing the name to Niagara Seeds.
Customer Reviews Average Rating review
Si bella! This is a really fantastic pepper!
This is a really fantastic pepper! We are trialing nine plants this season and we are certainly going to continue growing it in the future. Sturdy plants, superb fruit set and the earliest to color up of all the sweet pepper varieties this year. Love the flavor. I'm Sicilian-American and it has the true old-country taste I'm looking for to enhance our cooking.
Reviewed by: Michael Nicosia from Missouri. on 8/24/2016
The plant is a prolific ... Very sweet.
These peppers remind me of 'Gypsy' pepper, in taste, color, and size. They are extremely sweet, even when green. The rainbow of colors is beautiful. I love them raw, but also use them in any recipe that calls for bell peppers. Just use two 'Neapolitan' peppers for every one bell pepper in the recipe.

The plant is a prolific producer -- the single Neapolitan plant I have produces almost as many peppers as the other three plants combined. They do seem to be a little more prone to sunburn than the other varieties I have, but other than that, they are perfect!
Reviewed by: Amber Schooley from Pomona, CA. on 8/16/2015
Prolific Producer
I started these seeds indoors and germination was great. I put out about 6 of these plants in 2013 and picked peppers continually. These plants produced beautiful peppers and looked lovely because of all the different colors on the plant. I harvested some of the light green ones for pickling whole and the rest I let turn various shades of orange and red. I chopped these up and froze to use all winter and am very please with the results. I just grab a bag and toss in my cooking. These were heavy producers all season and will grow again.
Reviewed by: rosemary kelley from Southern Illinois. on 1/3/2014
Sweet Indeed
I Planted sowed about 30 seeds and culled out all but 14 and transplanted them into the garden. Once they started to come in, we were deep in them very vigorous strong and prolific plants. These peppers are my favorite raw eating pepper, mild and very sweet. Every time I went to the garden the first thing I would do is pick one and eat it. They start out green, turn yellow, then orange and finally red. Good at any stage but best when red, fantastic in salads and cooking. I guess I would call these baby sweet peppers. Although my wife calls them jumbo banana peppers. She canned a large amount of them so she can call them whatever she likes, I'll just smile and enjoy them this winter :) Thanks Victory - Highly Recommended! Neapolitan Pepper is now a mainstay in my garden.
Reviewed by: Jeff Mills from Southern IL. on 11/18/2013
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