Austrian Winter Pea
Austrian Pea - Pisum sativum L.

Austrian Winter Pea

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Used for overwintering, soil improvement purposes, fodder, an dgreen manure.
Austrian Pea
Pisum sativum L.

Also known as simply 'Austrian Pea' or 'Austrian Field Pea', this variety is almost exclusively used for overwintering, soil improvement purposes. It grows on even the poorest soils. It has also been used as a fodder crop, and like many livestock feeds, can be used as a table vegetable, in a pinch, in the form of a soup pea.

Can be sown just about any time of the year, when sown in the fall and allowed to grow over the winter, it is then turned under as a green manure.  Using field peas in this manner accomplishes several goals.  As a legume is absorbs nitrogen from the air which is then incorporated into the soil when the plants are turned under in the spring.  They also work to prevent the effects of wind and water erosion on the soil during the winter and help suppress weeds.

Survives down to about 15ºF.  One ounce contains approximately 200 seeds, and will cover about 100 square feet of garden space.  If used as part of a cover crop mix, coverage increases accordingly.
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