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Victory Heirloom Seed Company - Preserving the future, one seed at a time!

"Preserving the future,
one seed at a time."

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No GMOs Here!

*We are an early signer of the Safe Seed Pledge

All of our rare and heirloom seeds are open-pollinated, non-hybrid, not chemically treated, and we will never knowingly offer genetically engineered, aka GMO, varieties.

Liberal, Oregon

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Victory Seeds - Product Index
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Little Dutch Tobacco
Little Fingers Carrot
Little Gem Butterhead Lettuce
Little Hill Tobacco
Coming Soon
Little Lucky Tomato
Little Marvel Garden Pea
Little Yellow Tobacco
Livingston and the Tomato Book
Livingston's Beauty Tomato
Livingston's Dwarf Stone Tomato
Livingston's Favorite Tomato
Livingston's Globe Tomato
Livingston's Gold Ball Tomato
Livingston's Golden Queen Tomato
Livingston's Honor Bright Tomato
Livingston's Ideal Tomato
Livingston's Magnus Tomato
Livingston's Main Crop Pink Tomato
Livingston's Ohio Red Tomato
Livingston's Oxheart Tomato
Livingston's Paragon Tomato
Livingston's Perfection Tomato
Livingston's Potato Leaf Tomato
Livingston's Rosy Morn Tomato
Livingston's Stone Tomato
Livingston's Yellow Oxheart Tomato
Lizard Tail Orinoco Tobacco
Lollo Bionda Leaf Lettuce
Lollo Rosso Leaf Lettuce
Long Green Improved Cucumber
Long Island Cheese Winter Squash
Long Island Improved Brussels Sprouts
Long John Melon
Long Keeper (Longkeeper) Tomato
Long Purple Eggplant
Long Red Tobacco
Long Smooth Hollow Crown Parsnip
Longhandle Dipper Gourd
Loran Blood Tomato
Louisiana All Season Tomato
Louisiana Dixie Tomato
Louisiana Gulf State Tomato
Louisiana Red Tomato
Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth
Loxton Lad Dwarf Tomato
Loxton Lass Dwarf Tomato
Lubnani Summer Squash
Lucky Cross Tomato
Lucky Lion Soybean
Lucky Swirl Tomato
Lucullus Swiss Chard
Ludmilla Red Plum Tomato
Luffa Sponge Gourd
Lunar White Carrot
Lutescent Long Red Tomato
Lvinoe Serdtse Tomato
Mabry's Yellow Watermelon
Madole Tobacco
Magnolia Tobacco
Maja Tomato
Mala Bishka Tomato
Malinovaya Grusha Tomato
Malinovyi Rog Tomato
Mallee Rose Tomato
Mama Leone Tomato
Mama Payton's Okra
Mammoth Melting Pea
Mammoth Red Rock Cabbage
Mammoth Sandwich Island Salsify
Mandan Red Flour Corn
Mandarin A Soybean
Manitoba Brown Soybean
Maple Arrow Soybean
Maple Glen Soybean
Maralinga Dwarf Tomato
Marglobe Tomato
Marhio (Livingston's Marvelous) Tomato
Marianna's Peace Tomato
Marjoram, Sweet
Marketer Cucumber
Marketmore 76 Cucumber
Marmande (Costoluto) Tomato
Marvana Tomato
Marvelosa Tomato
Mary Washington Asparagus
Maryland Mammoth Tobacco
Matchless (Burpee's Matchless) Tomato
Matchum Tomato
Maule's Success Tomato
Mayo Speckled Southern Pea
McCaslan Pole Green Bean
McGee Tomato
Medford Tomato
Mediterranean Tomato
Medium Zipper Seal Bags 3x4 inch (10 Pack)
Merveille de Quatre Saisons Lettuce
Mesh Tea Ball
Mexico Tomato
Mica Ungara Soybean
Midnight Lentils
Midnight Snack Sweet Corn
Midori Giant Soybean
Midwestern Wildflower Mix
Mikarda Sweet Tomato
Millet's Dakota Tomato
Mingold Tomato
Miniature Colored Popcorn
Miniature Pink Popcorn
Miniature Rose Style Plant Markers - 5 each
Minnesota Midget Melon
Minowase Radish
Misono Green Soybean
Mississippi Heirloom Tobacco
Mississippi Purple Southern Pea
Mississippi Silver Southern Pea
Missouri Pink Love Apple Tomato
Mixed Colors Broom Corn
Mizuna Mustard Greens
Mohawk Tobacco
Moist Area Wildflower Mix
Monarch (Buist's Monarch) Tomato
Monarch Butterfly Mix
Moneymaker Tomato
Montezuma Red Bush Dry Bean
Moon and Stars Watermelon
Moonlight Tobacco
Moore Tobacco
Coming Soon
Morado Tomatillo (Purple Tomatillo)
Moravsky Div Tomato
Morlanvia Soybean
Morning Glory, Crimson Rambler
Morning Glory, Grandpa Otts
Morning Glory, Heavenly Blue
Morning Glory, Scarlet O'Hara
Morris Heading Collards
Mosby Prolific Dent Corn
Moskvich Tomato
Moss Curled Parsley
Mountain Gold Tomato
Mountain Pima Tobacco
Mountain Pima Tomatillo
Mountain Sweet Watermelon
Mr Stripey Tomato
Muncher Cucumber
Musan-1 Soybean
Musselburgh Leek
Nabo Roxo Comprido Turnip
Nadmorska Rutabaga
Nantes Fancy Carrot
Napoli Tomato
Narrow Style Tulip Trowel
Nasturtium - 'Empress of India'
Nasturtium - 'Peach Melba'
Nasturtium, Dwarf - 'Alaska Mix'
Nasturtium, Single Mix
National Pickling Cucumber
Natsu Kurakake Soybean
Natto Soybean
Navy Bush Dry Bean
Neapolitan Pepper
Nebraska Wedding
Nen Feng Soybean
Nepal Tomato
New Big Dwarf Tomato
New King Tomato
New Zealand Spinach
Norduke Tomato
Norman Soybean
North American Wildflower Mix
Northeastern Wildflower Mix
Sold Out
Norton Tomato
Nothstine Dent Corn
OAC Aries Soybean
Oak Leaf Lettuce
Oaxacan Green Dent
Ogemaw Soybean
Ohozyu Soybean
Old Fashion Mustard
Old German Tomato
Old Time Tennessee Muskmelon
Old Timey Yellow Tomato
One Sucker Tobacco
Oosodefuri Soybean
Opalka Tomato
Orange Banana Tomato
Orange Fantasia Swiss Chard
Orange Flesh Tendersweet Watermelon
Orange Heirloom Tomato
Orange King Bell Pepper
Orange King Tomato
Orange Minsk Tomato
Orange Strawberry Tomato
Orange Tree Tomato
Orange-1 Tomato
Orchard Baby Sweet Corn
Oregon 11 Tomato
Oregon Centennial Tomato
Oregon Giant Pea
Oregon Spring Tomato
Oregon Star Tomato
Oregon Sugar Pod II Pea
Ornamental Flowering Tobacco
Oroma Tomato
Osaka Purple Mustard Greens
Sold Out
Ozzie Soybean
Pacific Northwest Wildflower Mix
Painted Hill Sweet Corn
Sold Out
Painted Mountain Corn
Pale Leaf Mortgage Lifter Tomato
Palla Rossa Radicchio (Italian Chicory)
Pan America Tomato
Pando Soybean
Panther Soybean
Paris Wrapper Tobacco
Parisian Carrot
Parris Island Cos Romaine Lettuce
Partridge Pea
Paul Robeson Tomato
Paulista Tobacco
Coming Soon
Paw Paw Tomato
Peak of Perfection Tomato
Pearson Improved Tomato
Pearson Tomato
Pencil Pod Black Wax Bean
Pennlan Tobacco
Pennsylvania Broadleaf Tobacco
Coming Soon
Pennsylvania Dutch Butter Flavor Popcorn
Pennsylvania Red Tobacco
Coming Soon
Perennial Lupine
Perfection Cabbage
Perique Tobacco
Sold Out
Perkins' Long Pod Okra
Perpetual Swiss Chard
Perth Pride Tomato
Petaluma Gold Rush Bean
Peter Pepper - Hot Pepper
Sold Out
Petmecky Corn
Pheasant’s Eye
PI 291319B Soybean
PI 522192 A (VIR 9175) Soybean
Piel de Sapo Melon
Pigeon Pea
Pike Melon
Pimento Pepper
Pineapple Tomato
Pink Accordion Tomato
Pink Beauty Radish
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11/24/2018 - We hope that you had a great Thanksgiving and that your holiday season planning is going smoothly. We are filling and mailing orders quickly (within 1 to 3 business days) but if you are gift shopping, keep in mind that the USPS gets really busy (and slower) the closer we get to Christmas! We are still adding "new" varieties to the website but you can keep an eye on our progress by clicking here.

Mini FAQ

For twenty-one years now, people from all over the world have sent us their interesting and prized family seed varieties. Although our grow out schedules are tight, we do fit in quite a few "new" varieties each year. We eventually trial them and make as many as possible available to gardeners.

Catalog Info

If you have requested or purchased a catalog since August of 2018, they will be printed and mailed out by mid-January. If you would like a printed copy, you can order one now by clicking here. If you would like to download a printable PDF copy of our order sheet, review information about placing mail orders, or download a PDF copy of our 2019 catalog, click here.