Cucurbita sp.

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Atlantic Giant Pumpkin
Huge fruits have slightly rough skin that ranges in color from yellow to red-orange.
Big Max Pumpkin
Commonly grow to 50 to 70 pounds. A good pumpkin for pies.
Cinderella Pumpkin<br>SOLD OUT
French heirloom that is very productive and beautiful.
Connecticut Field Pumpkin
Large, 15-20 pound globes that are flattened on the ends. Heirloom.
Green Striped Cushaw Squash
Flesh is light colored, fine grained, very dry and resembles sweet potatoes in flavor.
Howden Pumpkin
Large, 10-20 pound. Widely used for Jack-o-Lanterns, but also excellent for pies and roasted seeds.
Jack Be Little Pumpkin
Miniature pumpkins, fit in the palm of hand.
Jack O'Lantern Pumpkin
For Halloween carving. Flesh is sweet, light in color, and fine-grained. Good cooking quality.
Kustovaya Oranzhevaya Pumpkin
Excellent pumkins on compact, bush-type plants. Quite unique.
Small Sugar Pumpkin
Outstanding for processing and pumpkin pies.
Tennessee Sweet Potato Pumpkin
Flesh is light colored, fine grained, very dry and resembles sweet potatoes in flavor.
Williams Naked Seeded Pumpkin
Entire seed edible and easily pressed to extract culinary oil. Its flesh tasty and fine enough to be used in pies, breads, and other pumpkin recipes.

Pumpkin SeedGrowing Pumpkins: Choose a location that has warm, well-drained and fertile soil. Work in plenty of well composted organic matter and mulch to conserve moisture, as pumpkins are heavy water consumers. Sow directly in the garden after threat of frost has passed. Sow one inch deep in hills or rows spaced twenty four to thirty inches apart.

When laying out your garden remember that pumpkin vines require a considerable amount of space.  Harvest time will vary by type but they are generally harvested in late fall after they are fully mature and the skins have toughened, stored in a cool, dry location, and used into the winter. Click here for harvesting and storage information.

If you are seeking to grow large pumpkins, try 'Atlantic Giant' or 'Big Max'.  If you are interested in growing record winners, do an internet search and look for seeds with pedigrees of record winners.  This is out of the scope of our seed preservation work.  Here are some interesting factoids regarding giant pumpkins(1):

  • A pumpkin vine can grow three feet overnight.
  • Pumpkins can gain thirty pounds in one day.
  • The world record in 1903 was 403 pounds.
  • The world record in 2004 was 1,446 pounds.
  • The world record was never broken between 1903 and 1978.
  • The world record has been broken nearly every year since 2004!


  1. Gardening How-To Magazine, September/October 2004

  2. "Field and Garden Vegetables of America," Fearing Burr, Jr., 1863

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