Heirloom and Open-Pollinated Seed Varieties
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Although we are a small organization and are not usually able to maintain large inventories of many of the rare varieties that we offer, there are times when we have an abundance of certain varieties for which we can offer at discount.

Click on an image below for more information and to see the quantity discount options available for that particular variety.

Please do check back from time to time as this list changes with availability.
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Ace 55 VF Tomato
Red, firm, oblate, fruit. Disease tolerant.
Alaska Pea<br>SOLD OUT
Used for canning or freezing, or dry (in 80 days) for soups.
Austrian Winter Pea<br><b>SOLD OUT</b>
Used for overwintering, soil improvement purposes, fodder, an dgreen manure.
Beefsteak Tomato
A very old, red colored variety with large, meaty, ribbed, excellent slicer. The original beefsteak-type slicing tomatoes.
Bloomsdale Longstanding Spinach
Early, dark green, crumpled leaves can be sown in spring or fall.
Blue Lake 274 Bush Green Bean
A canner's favorite green snap bean.
Blue Lake FM-1K Pole Green Bean
Tender, dark green, round, tasty, and reach about 6 inches.
Bountiful Bean
Very productive. Released in 1898. Excellent fresh, canned or frozen.
Burpee's Jubilee Tomato
Bright orange, solid, meaty, smooth, sweet, not acidic.
Cal Ace Tomato
Fruits are oblate-shaped, smooth, red, ripen uniformly, are meaty and sweet.
California Blackeye #46 Southern Pea
Peas are cream-colored seed coats with black pigment around eye.
California Blackeye #5 Southern Pea
High yielding, vigorous and fairly easy to grow.
Cream 8 Southern Pea
Nice variety for both home and market gardens and excellent for freezing.
Crimson Clover
Also known as Italian Clover, it is used as an attractive cover crop.
Dwarf White Sugar Snow Peas
Pods are sweet, tender and harvested just as peas begin to develop.
Early Frosty Garden Pea
A good home garden and fresh market variety good for fresh eating or freezing.
Flora-Dade Tomato - 0.25 Grams
Disease & humidity tolerant.
Golden Bantam, Improved 12-Row Sweet Corn
An improved version of 'Golden Bantam' with larger ears that stay tender longer.
Homestead 24 Tomato - 0.25 Grams
Red fruits are 7-8 ounces, meaty, firm, and consistently uniform.
Indian Ornamental (aka Rainbow) Flour Corn
An old flour corn variety, its great colors are perfect for drying and using ornamentally.
Lancaster Surecrop Dent Corn
Ears are 9-11 inches long with 16-18 rows of large, yellow, dent kernels. Selected for earliness, disease resistance, ease of harvest & uniformity.
Little Marvel Garden Pea<br>SOLD OUT
Compact plants, very productive, hardy, luscious and sugary.
Mammoth Melting Snow Pea
High yielding, thrives in cool weather, uniform production.
Mississippi Purple Southern Pea
Pods are reddish-purple with large brown peas that are very easy to shell.
Mississippi Silver Southern Pea
Pods are silvery-green and produced large, meaty, brown seeds.
Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Pea
Pods are succulent, often developing in pairs, on short, compact plants.
Pinkeye Purple Hull BVR Southern Pea
Very productive, early maturing, disease resistant, bush to semi-vining plants with purple pods that are 6 to 7 inches long.
Ponderosa Tomato
Large, purplish-pink fruit, mild flavor for slicing and canning
Porter Tomato
Sets fruit in dry, hot climates. Egg-shaped, dark pink fruits.
Red Garnet Amaranth<br>SOLD OUT
The plants are a beautiful maroonish-red color with fuchsia-red flower heads.
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