Rossa di Verona Radicchio (Italian Chicory)
Rossa di Verona Radicchio (Italian Chicory)

Rossa di Verona Radicchio (Italian Chicory)

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'Rossa di Verona' Radicchio
(Italian Chicory)
Cichorium intybus

90 days — 'Rossa di Verona' radicchio, also marketed as 'Red Verona', has round, solid, compact heads with heart-shaped, deep-red leaves. Can be used fresh for salads or cooked but the sharp flavor means that it should be used sparingly in green salads.Radicchio (pronounced rah-dee-key-oh) is a leaf-type chicory that is sometimes known as Italian chicory. Grown as a leaf vegetable, it has a bitter and spicy taste which tends to mellow after being roasted or grilled. In Italy, is is popular grilled in olive oil and served.

Direct seed from May into July for fall, cool season, harvest. Cool weather deepens the colors and enhances the flavors. In late summer or early fall, cut all leaves above the crown to force heading. Each packet contains one gram, which is approximately 650 seeds.
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