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'Victoria' rhubarb stalks.

Victoria Rhubarb

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Stalks are a deep crimson red with a touch of green on the inside.
Rheum rhabarbarum

'Victoria' is an old standard crop variety of rhubarb and one that we raise in our "Victory Garden" here on the farm. It has proven to be one of the largest and most productive varieties available. The stalks are a deep crimson red with a touch of green on the inside. The hint of a wine flavor makes it a good variety to use for pies and cobblers. First recorded in 1837 in England.

Rhubarb is a garden anchor commonly found around old farmsteads and farm houses; particularly in northern climates. It is long-lived and typically grown by dividing mature plant crowns. We have plants on our farm that we started from seed over twenty years ago, as well as some plants that my grandmother grew putting them in the sixty to eighty year-old range.

Starting plants from seed is not difficult (refer to the information in the "Cultivation / Harvest Information" tab below) but you will need to plant at least twenty seeds to cull out ones that do not exhibit the desired traits for the variety. For the average family, three plants is generally sufficient to meet their needs. Click here for our Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie recipe.

Each packet contains one gram, which is approximately 60 seeds.
So far so good
I planted several in a flat so that I could cull out as recommended in the description. Turns out I wasn't really sure what to cull, so I just picked three and planted. They reached about 20 inches high with several plate sized leaves after taking off when the temperature lowered in the fall. Expecting them to do great this year.

Victory Seed Notes: Culling is all about deciding which plants you want to live with and nurture, and in the case of rhubarb, possibly for as long as you live. I actually have plants here on the farm that are probably older than me (and that is old). The first culling is always anything that looks sickly, weak, or "off" from the rest of the population of seedlings. Then, later, as the plants are larger and their characteristic traits are displayed, you can further thin to those plants that meet your needs. With this variety of rhubarb, that typically means looking for the most vigorous plants, with the best red tinting. That said, one of my favorites that I have has very little red to it . . . but the stalks and leaves are so huge that I kept it. Hope that this helps. ~Mike
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from CT. on 2/3/2016
Easy Grow!!!
We purchased your Victory Rhubarb seeds to start our own bed. Great germination! It's now August & plants are almost knee high & very strong. Thank Victory Seeds for being there and providing a great honest service!! Lexie & Bill
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from NW New Jersey USA. on 8/15/2015
Good Quality Rhubarb
I had never heard of growing rhubarb from seed (it's usually cloned) and when I first started my farm I was flat out broke and couldn't afford a lot of transplants. I grew some rhubarb from seed and it has done very well for me. The seedling rhubarbs are genetically varied and will all be a little different. Many will have green stalks but they will all be edible. It doesn't matter much anyway since the pink and red in clones tends to cook out anyway.

Victory Seed Notes: As Jim points out, rhubarb does have inherent genetic diversity. It is recommended to sow all the seeds in the packet, cull the initially weak seedlings, and then further cull any plants that don't have the appearance you are looking for. Once you have established your rhubarb bed, you can asexually propagate more, identical plants by dividing them in the early spring. ~Mike
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