Shallu Sorghum (aka Egyptian Wheat)
'Shallu' sorghum (aka "Egyptian Wheat")

Shallu Sorghum (aka Egyptian Wheat)

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A late maturing sorghum commonly grown for game plots and soil building.
Shallu Sorghum
aka Egyptian Wheat)
Sorghum bicolor

105 to 110 days — 'Shallu' sorghum is a late-maturing variety, well adapted to the Southeast, that has been marketed under many names here in the United States over the past century; most commonly as "Egyptian wheat" but also "Mexican Desert Wheat Corn" and "Chicken Corn." 'Shallu' was reportedly imported from India in about 1890 by the Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station.[1] Excellent for "game plots" providing great cover for quail and other game birds, but also for soil building.

Its plants do tiller or sucker freely, typically having five to eight flowering stems that reach from seven to twelve feet tall, depending on the elevation, soil, and moisture. The heads are very loose, nine to sixteen inches long with an abundance of large, ovate seeds that are high in protein. Each packet contains 0.25 ounce, which is approximately 280 to 300 seeds.
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