Texas Black Amber Molasses Sorghum
Texas Black Amber Molasses Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor)

Texas Black Amber Molasses Sorghum

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Texas Black Amber Molasses
(Sorghum bicolor)

105 to 110 days — The plants grow eight to twelve feet in height at maturity developing beautiful, rich, shiny, black-coated seeds. The seed heads are compact with most being eight to twelve inches in length. 'Texas Black Amber Molasses' sorghum doesn’t contain nearly as many straw fibers as typical "Broom Corns."  The seed heads can be harvested anytime after developing, but they are much the prettier when the black seeds develop and mature.

As its name suggests, the seeds are actually amber colored. The shiny black color develops in the hulls that cover the seeds. During the threshing process, nearly all of the seeds retain the shiny black seed coat.

This heirloom variety originates from the Waco, Texas area.  Our seed source indicates that 'Texas Black Amber Molasses' sorghum has been historically used for silage and for making molasses.  It is also attractive and another great sorghum for ornamental crafts and centerpieces.

Although commonly called "Broom Corn", Sorghum bicolor is not truly corn. The stalks are similar to corn but they do not produce ears. Seed heads appear from the tops of the plants instead of a tassel. Each packet contains 0.25 ounce, which is approximately 300 to 325 seeds.
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