An tu bai chang lu dou
An Tu Bai chang lu dou soybean seeds.

An tu bai chang lu dou

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Medium size, bright green in color good for edamame.
An tu bai chang lu dou Certified Naturally Grown Seed

105 to 135 days, determinate — The plants of 'An tu bai chang lu dou' soybeans grow to about thirty-five inches tall, are multi-branching and high yielding, producing pods containing two to three beans each. Listed by the USDA as being in soy Maturity Group I, here on the farm in Northwestern Oregon, they are one of the latest maturing varieties that we grow. The seeds are medium size, green in color, contain about 45% protein and 21% oil, and are good at the green pod stage for edamame. At this stage, they also freeze well.

'An tu bai chang lu dou' was introduced into the USDA's seed bank accession number PI 540739 in 1990 by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Our original seed stock was from soy variety preservationist Chris Martin (CO MA C). Each packet contains 25 to 30 seeds.
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