Envy Soybean
'Envy' soybean seeds

Envy Soybean

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An early season edamame bean.
Envy Certified Naturally Grown Seed

80 days — 'Envy' is an early bearing variety and very well suited for shorter season climates. The plants are erect, reach about two feet in height and produce pods each containing two to three green seeds. The beans can be enjoyed either fresh-shelled or dried. It is also a good variety to be enjoyed as edamame (pronounced 'ed-uh-mah-may'). Edamame is a popular snack in Japan, served with beer. Because it has health benefits that other snacks do not provide, it is becoming popular in the United States.

'Envy' was developed by the late Dr. Elwyn Meader of the University of New Hampshire. We have been growing it here on the farm in Oregon since 2008. According to USDA analysis, 'Envy' contains about 47% protein and 15% oil by weight and is stored in their collection as PI 567179. Each packet contains approximately 25 seeds. There are approximately 65 seeds in 0.5 ounce.
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