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'Fledderjohn' soybeans.

Fledderjohn Soybean

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Large, brown, tasty beans are used at green stage, as edamame and dried.
Fledderjohn Certified Naturally Grown Seed

80 to 100 days, determinate — The plants of 'Fledderjohn' grow twenty-four to thirty-six inches in height and exhibit moderate branching. They are quite productive with large pods that contain two to three, large, light-brown seeds that have a nice, nutty flavor.

'Fledderjohn' can be enjoyed either fresh-shelled as edamame (pronounced 'ed-uh-mah-may') at about 80 days, or allowed to fully mature and dry on the plants (about 100 days). Edamame is a popular snack in Japan, often served with beer. Because it has nutrition and health benefits that other common snack foods do not provide, it is becoming popular in the United States. Harvest for edamame after the pods are fully filled and at the first hint that they are starting to turn yellow.

First made available to gardeners by Susan Reed (MN RE S) through the Seed Savers Exchange Yearbook in 2008, she described the history of the 'Fledderjohn as follows:
"... from Steph Hughes at SSE, given to Hughes family by Phil Zack family, grown by the Zack family from Crystal Lake, IL for a couple of generations ... Phil Zack has named this variety after his grandfather, who received seeds from a missionary friend who brought them back from Japan."
Our original seed source was soy collector and preservationist, Chris Martin (CO MA C). Each packet contains 25 to 30 seeds.
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