OAC Aries Soybean
'OAC Aries' soybean seeds

OAC Aries Soybean

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OAC Aries

110 days, indeterminate — The prolific plants are tall, reach thirty six to forty inches in height, with purple flowers and pods containing two to three seeds each.  The beans are yellow-green in color with a dark hilum (eye).  According to the USDA GRIN, they have 40.8% protein and 20.1% oil.

Developed at the Crop Science Department of the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada.  Bred using natural, classic breeding techniques, 'OAC Aries' pedigree is complex and took many year to develop and stabilize into and open-pollinated variety.  Work began before 1976 and it was introduced in 1986. The actual pedigree is {[(T260 x Wayne) x Hark] x Altona} x McCall.  [Canadian Journal of Plant Science 67: 257-258 (Jan. 1987)]  USDA Accession Number PI 548637.

Note:  I have seen seed savers and more than one commercial vendor listing this as "OAC Ares."  I believe that this is just one of those cases where someone made a typographical error and it has been perpetuated.  The "OAC" series of soybeans are named after zodiac signs.  Each packet contains 25 to 30 seeds.
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