Spinacia oleracea

In fertile soil, enriched with organic matter high in nitrogen, plant in mid to late summer for a fall crop. Sow thinly, about ½-inch deep. Thin seedlings to one to three inches apart.

Harvest leaves as soon as they are big enough to eat. When the plant is starting to look old, cut whole plant back to one to two inches high to stimulate growth. If they begin to bolt, harvest and freeze the whole crop.

Each packet contains four grams or approximately 320 seeds.

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Bloomsdale Longstanding Spinach
Early, dark green, crumpled leaves can be sown in spring or fall.
Giant Nobel Spinach
Giant, thick, dark green leaves. Excellent for canning.
America Spinach
Long-standing type. Slow to bolt, and resistant to heat and drought.
Giant Winter (Gigante d'Inverno) Spinach
Large smooth leaves, very tolerant of cold temperatures.
Early No. 7 Spinach
Large, dark-green leaves. Resistant to Downy Mildew and Cucumber Mosaic Virus.

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