Green Striped Cushaw Squash
Green Striped Cushaw Squash

Green Striped Cushaw Squash

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Flesh is light colored, fine grained, very dry and resembles sweet potatoes in flavor.
Green Striped Cushaw Slow Food USA - Ark of Taste
Cucurbita argyrosperma Callicarpa Group

95 days — Originally known as "Improved Cushaw," other synonyms include "Striped Crookneck" and "Striped Cushaw." It is a very old pumpkin / squash variety from back when pumpkins were for eating. These do not look like what we would consider a "pumpkin" in this Jack-O-Lantern day and age.

The fruit are crookneck shaped with a rind that is thin, hard and smooth. It is creamy-white in color with shades of green mottling and stripes that fade as the fruit mature.  It is an excellent keeper; if stored properly can last over six months. The flesh is light colored, fine grained, very dry and resembles sweet potatoes in flavor. Makes an excellent pie. Fruit average ten to twenty pounds in weight.

According to the authoritative "Vegetables of New York" series regarding the origin of 'Green Striped Cushaw,' "It is quite probable that the striped form of the Cushaw was one of the native varieties of the West Indies but that it became a cultivated form after the development of Golden Cushaw." It appears that it conservatively predates the 1890s. Each packet contains four grams, which is approximately 18 to 20 seeds.
If you are a baker this is a good squash to grow. If not stay away. You can also use it to make soup, but with so many other choices, not worth it. I will tell you for those who bake it makes the best healthy cake hands down. My girlfriend can bake/cook like a champ so finding her at the same time I grew these saved me. Ha! They take a lot of time to prepare so don't be in a rush cause you will be disappointed. They take up a lot of real estate in garden and grow well. Had issues with Cucumber Beetles and Squash bugs. Beware they eat fast so if you see one get the kits to capture and remove eggs under leaves two times daily if possible.
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Reviewed by:  from NJ. on 8/25/2017
May Try Again
I did not have any luck with this one. Direct planted seed in garden, not one seed germinated. May try again next year indoors with sterile potting mix.

VSC NOTES:Starting indoors in short-season areas is an option. When direct sowing in the garden, folks need to keep in mind that squash need very warm to hot soil temperatures (77-95ºF) in order for germination to occur. Here is a link to more information - ~Mike
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from New Hampshire. on 8/17/2015
Squash were impressively self reliant once established! Took over their own bed, plus the two neighboring beds, but the abundant 15lb gourds we're worth it. Gratefully only planted two hills, yielded a dozen fruit. I enjoyed their flavor more than pumpkin.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Pennsylvania, US. on 11/23/2021
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