Pink Jumbo Banana - Winter Squash
'Pink Jumbo Banana' winter squash.

Pink Jumbo Banana - Winter Squash

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Huge, almost cylindrical fruit with a slight taper at the blossom end. Good for pies, baking and canning.
Pink Jumbo Banana
Cucurbita maxima

115 days — One hill of 'Pink Jumbo Banana' vines will likely supply your needs. It vines produces large fruit that are almost cylindrical with a slight taper at the blossom end, and can grow up to twelve inches in diameter by forty-eight inches in length and weigh up to seventy-five pounds each. Typically, the fruit are harvested at thirty pounds or less. The flesh is yellow-orange, dry, firm, not stringy, and sweet flavored making them an excellent choice for pies, baking, and canning. Each packet contains four grams, which is approximately 14 to 16 seeds.
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