Sweet REBA Acorn Squash
'Sweet REBA Acorn' winter squash

Sweet REBA Acorn Squash

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Mildew resistant. Classic acorn squash flavor and texture but are noticeably sweeter.
'Sweet REBA' Acorn Squash
Cucurbita pepo

90 days — 'Sweet REBA' produces five to six, uniform, one to two pound, dark green, acorn-type fruit on each compact plant. They have a classic acorn squash flavor and texture but are noticeably sweeter. This is in part attributed to the fact that their disease resistance allows you to let them mature longer thus allowing for the sugars to develop. A good storage variety.

The "REBA" in 'Sweet REBA' is short for Resistant Early Bush Acorn and refers to its resistance to Powdery Mildew. It is another is a long line of vegetable variety releases from Cornell University's vegetable breeding program. Each packet contains two grams, which is approximately 20 to 24 seeds.
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