Tatume Summer Squash
'Tatume' squash - Photo submitted by Paula Thomas, Oklahoma

Tatume Summer Squash

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A popular staple in Southwestern and Mexican cooking.
Cucurbita pepo

45 days — 'Tatume', also known as 'Tatuma' and 'Calabacita', is a vining plant that is a popular staple in Southwestern and Mexican cooking. Unlike other squash varieties that are categorized as either a summer or a winter squash, 'Tatume' is a rare variety that can be used as either.

'Tatume' fruit can be harvested and eaten young (at about 45 days) as a summer-type squash. At this "summer" stage, harvest the green, round to oval fruits when they are about the size of a baseball. They are unusually firm for a summer squash and have a fine flavor.

Leave them on the vine as a winter squash and they will mature to a diameter of six to eight inches and golden-yellow in color. Each packet contains two grams, which is approximately 14 to 16 seeds.
Tatume squash
This is a very tasty squash harvested at about baseball size (shown in photos)at just about 45 days. It seems to be green in the shade and yellow in the sun at this stage. From only 3 seeds the vine covered the large trellis in no time, and as I had read somewhere, no dreaded squash bugs! My order was received promptly and the folks here are very helpful. Kudos to Victory for their organic and heirloom projects, fine seeds and excellent service!
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Reviewed by:  from Cleveland, Oklahoma zone 6a. on 6/26/2011
Best summer squash EVER!
For the first time last year, I grew this and several other kinds of squash and gourds I had never tried before. This one turned out to be the star of my garden. I planted 2 hills of this in the southeast corner of my garden. It spread out, climbing the fence on the east, south and west side of my garden - about 30 feet to the west side! Early in the season, the plants were a mass of blossoms and bees. I ate many male blossoms, battered and fried. Then the squash came on and they were an even better treat. I advise you not to wait until they are baseball-size, though. They are best baby-size: about 2 or 3 inches long. I did eat bigger ones, stuffed and roasted. They were good, but small ones are buttery smooth and flavorful. Small is best! I ate more of this squash than any others. I shared both blossoms and squash with family and friends, and everybody agreed this was the best tasting.
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Reviewed by:  from Southern Oregon. on 3/3/2014
Our Favorite Summer Squash
This will be the third year I have planted Tatume squash. It is an absolute delight to grow, pick, and consume. We arch cattle panels between garden beds to create a tunnel on which to grow pole beans and a couple of squash plants. With a bit of guidance early on, this variety is easy to train to trellis and creates a beautiful, prolific canopy that shades out weeds and creates a cool refuge from the sun (a great picnic spot for our kids). The squash itself is a bit sweeter and denser than "traditional" zucchini, with tender skin. The perfect shape to cut in half, scoop out, and stuff.
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Reviewed by:  from NW Oregon. on 1/23/2016
Different squash
Grew these in 2014. Best used as a summer squash, they are different than a zucchini squash. Did not have any problems with vine borers due to the smaller vines. Prolific as can be, they will spread over a large area if they are allowed to, so may need to train them to stay in a certain area. These can be used as a winter squash, but keep in mind the shell is rather thick when fully ripe, about 1/8" and very solid.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Minnesota. on 1/25/2016
Perfect for the limited space garden!
It seems so hard to find a vining squash, but this is it! I had better luck starting the seeds in seed containers but in the sun so I could move them to the ground without hardening them off. The one I had to harden off died. Give them some sprawl space to put down more roots along the vine. Beautiful mosaic leaf pattern.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Andover, MN. on 7/29/2016
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