Zapallo Plomo Winter Squash
'Zapallo Plomo' winter squash.

Zapallo Plomo Winter Squash

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Zapallo Plomo
Cucurbita maxima

110 days — The vines grow vigorously and are productive. The fruits can get quite large, up to twenty pounds, have grayish-green skin, and are somewhat flattened in shape with deep ribs. The flesh is a dark, some describe it as "mustard yellow," in color with a mild, sweet flavor. When properly cured, it stores quite well.

Originally introduced to gardeners in 1984 by a seed saver in California named Patricia Black Decima[3] who noted that 'Zapallo Plomo' originated in Argentina.

Its Spanish name, 'Zapallo Plomo', literally translates into English as "Lead Pumpkin." The actual etymology of the word "zapallo" (pronounced zah-pie-oh) is from the Quechuan language[1] from the region of the Andes, and was used to generally describe what we now categorize as Cucurbita maxima or winter squash.[2]

Quite rare and in limited supply. Each packet contains three grams, which is approximately 12 to 15 seeds.
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