Black Beauty Zucchini Summer Squash
'Black Beauty' zucchini summer squash.

Black Beauty Zucchini Summer Squash

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Fruit are harvested at 6 to 8 inches by two inches and dark green.
Black Beauty
Cucurbita pepo

45 days — The bush-type plants of 'Black Beauty' zucchini are early and very productive. Although you can use this summer squash at just about any size, we start picking fruit when they are about six to eight inches long by two inches in diameter and dark green in color. We prefer them at this young and tender stage when they are excellent lightly steamed, sautéed, or stir-fried. They reach a black-green to almost black at maturity.

During the "high season" of summer, unless you are checking your plants daily, the fruit size can get away from you very quickly! Medium sized to large fruit can still be cooked in the same way as noted above, but since they are maturing during "barbecue season," we like to quarter the zucchini lengthwise, and with the skin left on, coat them in olive oil, season to taste, and then grill them until tender but firm. Often our seasoning is simply fresh ground black pepper and salt, but experiment with herbs for fun flavor variations.

'Black Beauty' was one of the most popular zucchini varieties of the second half of the twentieth-century. Bred at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station in Storrs, Connecticut, 'Black Beauty' was developed by stabilizing a cross between 'Salerno' and 'Caserta'.[1] It was introduced, and an "All-America Selection®" winner, in 1957. Each packet contains four grams, which is approximately 24 to 28 seeds.
Grew well for the weather
The plants grew well and fast. I got a few squash off each plant before they got powdery mildew and with all this rain most everything got some kind of fungus this year.

VSC NOTES: There is certainly nothing that we can do about rain at the wrong time but one thing to try in the future is mulching heavily around the plants with something like straw. It helps to keep water from splashing from the soil onto the plants which reduces the opportunity for soil-borne diseases to infect the plants. ~Mike
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from zone 5,6 virginia mountains. on 8/21/2013
Perfect Zucchini Plant
I had great success with this variety. I was lucky not to have mildew problems. My plants were HUGE and I sometimes didn't see the zuc fruit until they were very large. I prefer to pick them small but all sizes had great flavor. My plants eventually wilted because of vine borer I think but that wasn't until very late. This plant is a must for anyone's garden.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Valparaiso, IN. on 3/7/2014
Good producer
I purchased this last season. It was frantic because I could not find zucchini anywhere. I thought there was a shortage. So I grew these and was not disappointed at the amount and quality of the squash. Also started to keep that squash beetle away by companion planting. It worked! Only thing is I forgot to harvest any seeds for next season. So I reordered along with another type to try. I love it with all kinds of ways to fix. This season for The Christmas holiday I made zucchini bread and shared it with everyone. Can't wait to get gardening next season.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from South Carolina. on 12/18/2013
Long Harvest
I planted several different summer squash in 2013. This summer was slow warming up and we had to deal with powdery mildew. I mulch my gardens and used some homemade sprays to help combat this problem. Because of the weather they were slow to produce BUT I picked these till the end of October. They tasted wonderful and I blanched then froze most of them for this winter. The results were great. I will be planting this zucchini again.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Southern Illinois. on 1/3/2014
Kept Producing
Best yields I've had from many different varieties. Excellent flavor.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Pittsburgh. on 1/7/2021
Great Producer
This has consistently been a great producer for our family. Tastes good and easy to grow!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Lewiston, ID. on 4/5/2020
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