Helianthus annuus

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Sunflower, Giant Greystripe
Used as a snack, or add to bread, rolls, or as a topping to a green salad.

Planting Instructions:

These sunflowers are generally easy to grow and tolerant of most garden soils.  Well-drained soil is preferred.  They make a good windbreak but should be planted so that they don't shade your garden.

Sow directly in the garden after all danger of frost is past.  Thin seedlings to eight inches and then to two feet to avoid overcrowding.  I have had pretty good success with transplanting as long as you do not disturb the roots of the other plants.

For maximum size, feed the plants weekly.  These are both heat and drought tolerant after they are established.

Harvesting and Use:

Harvest the seeds when the seeds look mature, the petals are all dried and the back of the flower heads have turned yellow.  Cut from the stalks and hang upside down in a  warm dry place.  Rub the seeds out of the head when they come out with little coaxing.  Allow the seeds to continue to cure until the shells are brittle and crack easily between your teeth.

The seeds are tasty raw or roasted and lightly salted.  They can be used as a snack, or the meats make a nice addition to bread, rolls, or as a topping to a green salad.  Can also be used as a high protein bird or chicken feed.

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