Helianthus annuus

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Sunflower - 'Chocolate Cherry'
The petals are a deep burgundy color radiating out from a dark-chocolate colored center.
Sunflower - 'Evening Sun'
Beautiful flowers in shades of yellow, crimson, burgundy, bronze and rust.
Sunflower, Autumn Beauty
The petals are blends of red, orange and yellow.
Sunflower, Giant Greystripe
Used as a snack, or add to bread, rolls, or as a topping to a green salad.
Sunflower, Lemon Queen
Petals are a bright yellow color and will grow 40 to 60 inches tall.
Sunflower, Mexican
Bright orange flowers that are four inches wide. Attractive to pollinators.
Sunflower, Sungold
Dwarf sunflower grows to between 2-3 feet tall. Bushy, fluffy flower heads.
Sunflower, Velvet Queen
Petals are pale to deep mahogany red color with dark centers.
Sunflowers - 'All Sorts Mix'
A mix of various size, colors and shapes of annual sunflowers. Attracts pollinators.

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