Centennial Sweet Potato Plants
'Centennial' sweet potatoes.

Centennial Sweet Potato Plants

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90-110 days, vining-type — 'Centennial' sweet potatoes have medium to large-sized, tapered, cylindrical tubers that have good quality, smooth, orange flesh with a high carotene content. It ships and stores well.

The plants are vigorous, productive, and have a tolerance of fusarium wilt and internal cork. Can be harvested as early as 90 days for "baby bakers" or around 110 days at full maturity.

Bred and introduced in 1962 by the Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station at Baton Rouge as a stabilized cross between 'Unit IPR' and 'Pelican Processor'.[1]

Note: 'Centennial' should grow fine in most all states with exception of Northern States who must take the extra step of warming the soil two to three weeks before your plants arrive. This is accomplished by hilling your soils into beds or raised rows and covering them with black plastic.
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