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Ted's Pink Currant Tomato
Ted's Pink Currant Tomato
Ted's Pink Currant Tomato
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Ted's Pink Currant Certified Naturally Grown Seed
(Solanum pimpinellifolium)

76 days, indeterminate — Although red-colored currant tomatoes have been available for many years, pink-fruited currants are fairly rare. 'Ted's Pink' currant abundantly supplies fruits that are about one-half inch in diameter, sweet and mild, that are a beautiful pink color.

In general, currant tomatoes are very productive, very hardy, start producing early and continue until freezing temperatures arrive in the fall.  They have a sprawling growth habit that is not easily tamed by tomato baskets nor by using the Florida weave method.  Either leave them to their wild, rambling habit, or allow them to climb a lattice of livestock panel.

We received 'Ted's Pink' currant from Dr. Carolyn Male.  She received seed from Ted Darnowski of Florida and introduced it to seed savers in 2013. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.

Note:  Although these are a different species from garden tomatoes, they will readily cross with other tomatoes. If you are saving seed, isolate these plants.
Customer Reviews Average Rating review
These are awesome ... Very tasty, and not too acidic.
I highly recommend these little guys. They are very tasty, and not too acidic. I grew two of these plants and quickly got overwhelmed with tiny pink balls of goodness. These plants are wild, and take a lot of management to keep them from going too crazy. I felt like i might need to go at it with the machete a few times, but I resisted that urge. With my two plants I could easily pick a couple quarts every few days, and finally got to the point where I just couldn't pick em all. I took a lot of them to work. While I plan to try new tomatoes every year, these will get another go!
Reviewed by: Marshall Gibson from Salem, OR. on 2/25/2018
Is it possible to have too much of a good thing?
I ended up keeping two plants for myself and giving the extra starts to friends. After attempting to contain them, I gave in and let them go wild along a wire fence. Even after pruning aggressively they grew into a thicket nearly 5' tall... ABSOLUTELY COVERED IN DELICIOUS PINK 1/2" TOMATOES.

It's hard to impress upon you the quantity of tomatoes that I got from these. I only fertilized once with a side-dressing of crab meal when they were about two feet tall and eventually watering became impossible without a machete.

They flowered and produced fruit until almost the first frost but the flavor wasn't as sweet anymore.

Harvesting the fruit with their vines works well. Don't even bother trying to pick them off individually. The teeny seeds kinda messes with trying to make sauce with the extra tomatoes. Not sure what to do to preserve them ... I'm going to put them in a more 'out of the way' spot this year.
Reviewed by: Kale Clauson from Portland, OR. on 1/29/2018
Love these!
I love these fruit! I direct seeded these outside in the spring, and they grew perfectly. We got the first ripe fruit about two weeks ago. They are so sweet, and practically explode in your mouth. Plus, they are so prolific! I only planted two plants, but in the last two days I got nearly a pint of tomatoes. I use them in salad or stir fries, or just eat them as a snack.

VSC NOTES: Thank you for the review, Amber. It is one of my favorite small fruited tomato varieties as well. I just want to point out to folks that although Amber had success direct sowing her tomato seeds, this is not the recommended practice. More often than not it will result in failure. In most locations, tomato seeds should be started indoors where conditions can be closely controlled and monitored. ~Mike
Reviewed by: Amber Schooley from Diamond Bar, CA. on 7/19/2015
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