Atkinson Tomato
'Atkinson' tomato.

Atkinson Tomato

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Disease resistant plants. Beautiful red colored, 4-14 oz., oblate shaped, fruit that have firm, meaty flesh.
Atkinson Certified Naturally Grown Seed

75 days, indeterminate — The regular leaf vines of the 'Atkinson' tomato reach about six feet tall and produce beautiful red colored fruit that range from four to fourteen ounces each and are oblate shaped with firm, meaty flesh. They have a nice, balanced, slightly sweet and tart red flavor. It is nice fresh in salads or as a slicing tomato, as well as canned or processed into sauces. It is also a good fresh market tomato. When it was introduced, Auburn University stated:
"A dream come true for tomato fanciers could describe the development of Atkinson, a new rootknot nematode and Fusarium weilt resistant, tomato variety, probably the first in the Rutgers class to be released to the public."[3]
Bred and introduced by Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station, Auburn, Alabama in 1966.[1,2] The result of many years of complex breeding work, eighteen to be exact, involving a wild Peruvian tomato resistant to rootknot, with old established varieties and breeding lines of Rutgers types.[3] 'Atkinson' is Rootknot nematode and Fusarium Wilt Race 1 resistant, as well as resistant to Gray Leaf Spot and Septoria Leaf Spot.[1,2,3] It was named after George F. Atkinson, a former staff member of the Alabama Experiment Station, who first described the life cycle of the rootknot nematode at Auburn in 1889. Each packet contains at least 20 seeds.
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