Banana Legs Tomato
'Banana Legs' tomatoes.

Banana Legs Tomato

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Similar in shape and color to a small banana.
Banana Legs Certified Naturally Grown Seed

75 days, determinate — The compact plants of 'Banana Legs' are very productive with fruit that are similar in shape and color to a small banana. They have a low acid flavor, are meaty, and average 1½ inches in diameter by four inches in length. The novelty of 'Banana Legs' fruit makes them an interesting addition to any tossed green salad.

'Banana Legs' was named and introduced in 1984 by seed saver, John Swenson of Illinois (IL SW J). Mr. Swenson stabilized it from a single plant selection from a batch of unnamed crosses from breeder Tom Wagner who called them, "Mixed Long Toms." Mr. Swenson went on to use 'Banana Legs' as a parent for the 'Speckled Roman' tomato. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
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