Banksia Queen Tomato
'Banksia Queen' dwarf tomato slice.

Banksia Queen Tomato

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Delicious, juicy, pale-yellow flesh with a good balance of sweet and tart.

80 days, dwarf — 'Banksia Queen' has vigorous, dwarf, rugose, regular leaf plants that are among the taller growing of the dwarfs.They produce a good yield of medium to medium large sized (six to twelve ounce) oblate, bright yellow tomatoes, with occasional lobing. 'Banksia Queen' has delicious, juicy, pale yellow flesh with a good balance of sweet and tart.

'Banksia Queen' was bred by the "Dwarf Tomato Project" from a cross between 'Elbe' and 'Golden Dwarf Champion' made by Patrina Nuske Small and named "Tipsy." It was selected and named by Patrina and introduced commercially by the Victory Seed Company for the 2015 gardening season.

Among those who contributed to stabilizing this new dwarf variety are Patrina, Jon Schmuck, Gary Woods, Susan Oliverson, Bill Yoger, Susan Dzejachok, Danny Lee Turner, Shawn Connant, and Craig LeHoullier. The starting seed sample was grown out and supplied by Bill Minkey. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
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