Blue's Bling Tomato
'Blue's Bling' tomato.

Blue's Bling Tomato

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Early maturing, large (up to 28 ounce), beautiful dark fruit that deliver a complex, balanced, sweet and fruity flavor with a mildly tangy finish.
Blue's Bling Certified Naturally Grown Seed

75 days, indeterminate — 'Blue's Bling' plants have interesting, variegated regular leaves and although they have an indeterminate growth habit, they are more compact that most. This may also be why the fruit matures so early for such a large sized fruit. Its fruit are black (dark pink with darker shoulders), large (up to 28 ounces), and oblate to slightly heart-shaped. Similar in balanced complexity to 'Cherokee Purple', it delivers a sweet and fruity flavor with a mildly tangy finish.

'Blue's Bling' was sent to us by Craig LeHoullier who received the seeds from Blue Dingman. We received an email from Blue in late 2019 describing how this wonderful tomato first appeared. Following a presentation that Craig had given at Dow Gardens in Midland Michigan some years prior, Blue received a packet of 'Cherokee Purple' seeds from him. When grown, one plant had variegated leaves with beautiful fruit and was such a standout in the garden that Blue called it "bling." Each packet contains at least 20 seeds.
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