Casey's Pure Yellow Tomato
'Casey's Pure Yellow' tomato.

Casey's Pure Yellow Tomato

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Oblate, 8 to 14 oz., yellow colored, some of which develop a blossom-end blush. Unusually tart for a yellow variety, but with a lingering sweet flavor
Casey's Pure Yellow Certified Naturally Grown Seed

85 days, indeterminate — The potato leaf vines of 'Casey's Pure Yellow' produce oblate shaped fruit that weigh eight to fourteen ounces, are yellow in color, some of which develop a blossom-end blush upon ripening. Although we saw no Blossom End Rot during our trials, some fruit did exhibit spiral splitting. Unusually tart for a yellow fruited variety, they left a lingering sweet flavor on the palate at finish.

Sent to us in early 2021 by Craig LeHoullier, he told us that he had obtained this variety from Jeff Casey of Airdrie, Alberta, Canada in 2007, and that it had, "... been a favorite ever since." Jeff discovered 'Casey's Pure Yellow' as a bright yellow fruited selection in a grow out of 'Green Giant'. It shares many characteristics with 'Lillian's Yellow Heirloom', but is not quite as late, it yields more reliably season to season, the fruit are somewhat more regular in shape, and they don't tend to get quite as large. Each packet contains at least 20 seeds.
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