Don's Double Delight Tomato
'Don's Double Delight' tomato.

Don's Double Delight Tomato

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Large, 8 to 16 oz., irregular oblate-shaped fruit that are red with golden orange streaks. Its delicious flavor is similar to a classic red tomato fla
Don's Double Delight Certified Naturally Grown Seed

85 days, indeterminate — The potato leaf vines of 'Don's Double Delight' grow to over six feet in height and produce large, eight to sixteen ounce, irregular oblate-shaped fruit that are red in color with golden orange streaks. Its pale red flesh delivers a delicious flavor similar to that of a classic red tomato flavor, but slightly sweeter. We observed a lot of scarring and splitting during our unusually harsh 2021 growing season, but productivity and flavor did not seem to be affected. For best eating quality, 'Don's Double Delight' tends to ripen quickly and it is best harvested before it reaches its full mature color.

Sent to us in early 2021 by Craig LeHoullier. Craig obtained 'Don's Double Delight' a tomato friend of his from Raleigh, North Carolina (co-conceiver and leader of the ten Tomatopalooza tomato tasting events), Lee Newman. Lee helped Craig with his various 'Lucky Cross' / 'Little Lucky' family selections. Lee discovered and worked to stabilize this wonderful variety, which he named in honor of his father, Don, and shared with Craig in 2011. Each packet contains at least 20 seeds.
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