Dr. Walter Tomato
'Dr. Walter' tomatoes.

Dr. Walter Tomato

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Medium sized (2-10oz.), red, globe to elongated mild flavored fruits.
Dr. Walter Certified Naturally Grown Seed

79 days, semi-determinate — The regular leaf plants of 'Dr. Walter' are fairly productive. Its medium-sized (two to ten ounce), red colored, globe to elongated shaped fruits are mild flavored.

Our original sample was sent to us by heirloom plant variety preservationist, David Pendergrass from Tennessee. He received 'Dr. Walter' from another friend of ours, Glenn Parker in New Zealand. In 2017 when we asked Glenn about its history, he wrote:
"'Dr. Walter' was very popular over in Gisborne on New Zealand's East Coast where fifty to sixty years ago. Bailey's Nursery used to sell hundreds of flats of it to commercial and home growers. They must have been saving the seed because no other nursery could find any seed wholesaler that sold it. I know my father tried. No history on it though although there were rumours that it was named after a local doctor from that area."
Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
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