Dwarf Awesome Tomato
'Dwarf Awesome' tomatoes.

Dwarf Awesome Tomato

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Yellow with red streaking, 6-8 ounce, round to oblate-shaped, fruits with excellent flavor.
Dwarf Awesome Certified Naturally Grown Seed Certified Naturally Grown Seed
80 days, dwarf — The rugose, regular leaf plants of 'Dwarf Awesome' produce high yields of six to eight ounce, round to oblate-shaped, deep yellow colored tomatoes with red blushing. Slicing them open reveals juicy flesh displaying combinations of oranges, yellows, pinks, and reds with green seed cavities. Describing its flavor, the developer of 'Dwarf Awesome' stated, "Oh my goodness ... a solid 9.0, sweet but not mild, has a little zing."

Part of the "Dwarf Tomato Project," Soren Linnemann created the "Ivalde" family by crossing 'Vjerino Paradajiz Sjeme' with 'Wherokowhai' in 2011. Many volunteers worked on the Ivalde line, but Linda Black was solely responsible for the selection and stabilization work for 'Dwarf Awesome'. In recounting the naming process, Linda noted that it was her daughter that called it "awesome" and the name stuck. Bill Minkey produced the seed for its initial release, which was introduced by the Victory Seed Company for the 2018 gardening season. Each packet contains at least 10 seeds.
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