Dwarf Galen's Yellow Tomato
'Dwarf Galen's Yellow' tomatoes. Photo courtesy of Robin Bort.

Dwarf Galen's Yellow Tomato

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Slightly oblate, one ounce, golden-yellow colored cherry tomatoes with a balanced, sweet flavor.
Dwarf Galen's Yellow Open Source Seed Initiative

Early Season, dwarf — 'Dwarf Galen's Yellow' plants are vigorous, productive, have rugose, potato leaves, grow to about four feet in height, are bushy, and nearly three feet wide. There really is not a central stem; instead there are multiple stems each with a cluster of fruit about three to four inches apart along each stem. Its fruit are slightly oblate in shape, average one ounce each, are golden-yellow in color, with a balanced, sweet flavor. Hundreds of fruit per plant are possible.

The "Plucky" family originated from a cross made by Ray South between 'Galina' and 'Golden Dwarf Champion'. 'Dwarf Galen's Yellow' was selected by Robin Bort, working together with her son who was eight years old at the time, and named after her son. Numerous members participated in working on the most promising offspring, including Craig LeHoullier, Patrina Nuske Small, Susan Oliverson, Melissa Fink, Rebecca Gustafson, Nicole Diana, Linda Pugh, Bill Burke, Justin Sieglaff, Georgie Montoni, Jackie Gadbois, Patricia Hippili, Suzanna Dzejachok, Steve Carey, Amber Schneck and Nick Bolkowy, with Bill Minkey growing the seed for the initial release. Each packet contains at least 20 seeds.
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