Dwarf Mr. Snow Tomato
'Dwarf Mr. Snow' tomato.

Dwarf Mr. Snow Tomato

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Dwarf plants with smooth, oblate, 6-10 oz., lovely ivory colored fruits.
Dwarf Mr. Snow Tomato Certified Naturally Grown Seed Open Source Seed Initiatve

90 days, dwarf — 'Dwarf Mr. Snow' has deep green, rugose, potato leaf foliage and a very stout central stem, growing to four feet, and perhaps a bit more depending upon conditions. Fruits are smooth and oblate, ranging from six to ten ounces or more, and are a lovely ivory color; though a pale pink blossom end blush develops on many of the fruit. The flavor is sprightly, balanced, full and delicious.

This was "Dwarf Tomato Project" variety originated from a cross between 'Golden Dwarf Champion' (a medium fruited yellow dwarf) with 'Green Giant', made in 2006 by Patrina Nuske Small in Australia. Although well past its eighth generation and is a stable open-pollinated variety, it still may produce the occasional off-type plant.

'Dwarf Mr. Snow' was selected and named by Craig LeHoullier after his friend and local newspaper[1] columnist, A. C. Snow, who is also a lover of great tomatoes. Other folks involved in its development are David Lockwood (Australia), Susan Anderson, Paul Fish and Bill Minkey. Introduced commercially by the Victory Seed Company for the 2011 gardening season. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
One of my favorite of the new Dwarf varieties!
I just love this tomato. It was one of the tasting stars of the 2010 Tomatopalooza event, tasting great in a difficult tomato year weather-wise. What's unusual about it is the intensity of flavor and refreshing tartness, rare for "white" tomatoes. I look forward to see what others think of this variety!
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Reviewed by:  from Raleigh, NC. on 6/29/2011
Fantastic! Intense sweet deliciousness!
This tomato packs a punch of intense sweet deliciousness! Although the fruit size in my garden (grown in patio pots) was smaller than anticipated (averaging around 3-4 oz), the flavor is nothing short of sublime. I plan to use these gems to improve the flavor and add character and zing to my "passata" and "conserva," that is if I can resist the temptation of popping them in my mouth first. This tomato is a keeper and next year I will plant them in ground as the intense patio heat will fry the leaves and flowers quickly. Hoping for better yields and bigger fruits next year with them grown in ground. I must have more! I highly recommend!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Spokane Zone 6a. on 8/16/2015
Had fruit over a long period.
The tomatoes were definitely yellow, not white or ivory, and they were large and mostly but not all, ridged. The leaves were huge and the plant had to be supported with pails because it ranged off from the dirt in the bench onto the gravel floor. Had fruit over a long period. This was in a greenhouse, was transplanted directly into it. The leaves did take up a lot of room.
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Reviewed by:  from Anchorage AK. on 12/28/2016
100% germination. The plant is very attractive with dark green rugose (crinkled) leaves, which are quite large, and a sturdy stem. Fruit was light yellow. During 2020 season it was a prolific producer for me. The plant does require support due to large fruit. I made the mistake of using a small, 42-inch, tomato cage thinking that would be sufficient because it is a dwarf, but my plant eventually flopped over from all the heavy fruit. I should have used a heavy-duty 54-inch tomato cage.

Mr. Snow would please those who may not like red tomatoes due to its mellow smooth flavor. It does not have the bold, rich, somewhat tart/acidic flavor that red and black tomatoes posses. Rather, it is very refreshing with subdued sweetness. It is outstanding for salads or as a snack. Out of about 50 different varieties (including Rosella Purple, Cherokee Purple, Hawaiian Pineapple, Dr. Wyche's Yellow, Orange Strawberry, Crnkovic Yugoslavian, Aunt Ruby's German Green, etc.) that I grew in 2020, Mr. Snow was definitely in the top five.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Philadelphia, PA. on 2/4/2021
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