Dwarf Tiger Eye Tomato
'Dwarf Tiger Eye' tomatoes. Image courtesy of Susan Oliverson.

Dwarf Tiger Eye Tomato

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Dwarf Tiger Eye Open Source Seed Initiative

Mid-season, dwarf — 'Dwarf Tiger Eye' has rugose, regular leaf plants that produce lots of four to six ounce, brown colored, paste-type tomatoes that deliver a wonderfully balanced, pleasant flavor.

The "Leggy" family originated from a cross made by Sherry Long between one of the Dwarf Tomato Project’s "Lazy" selections and 'Orange Banana'. ("Lazy" itself is a family created by Patrina Nuske Small by crossing 'Purple Russian' with 'Kangaroo Paw Brown', one of the released dwarfs from the "Witty" family).'Dwarf Tiger Eye' was selected and named by Susan Oliverson. Aside from Sherry, those involved in its development were Craig LeHoullier and Susan Oliverson, with Bill Minkey producing the final selection. Each packet contains at least 20 seeds.
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