Gill's All Purpose Tomato
'Gill's All Purpose' tomatoes.

Gill's All Purpose Tomato

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Gill's All Purpose Certified Naturally Grown Seed

90 days, semi-determinate — The plants are attractive, regular-leaf, and are high yielding. The fruits are good sized (about three inches in diameter), globe-shaped, and deep-red in color. They are good for canning, juicing, slicing and eating fresh off the vine.

Bred by the Gill Brothers Seed Company of Portland, Oregon and released in 1947. They described them as follows:
"This grand new tomato is just like its name implies and is fine for all the main purposes. Ideal for canning or juice; also splendid for home gardens and market gardens. It produces a heavy set of large, uniform fruit on self-terminate vines. The fruit are bright red, possessing the solid, deep red interior of the Pepper Tomato and with its fine flavor. Vines vigorous and healthy and unusually resistant to disease. They pack good and stand shipment better than most sorts."
'Gill's All Purpose' is stabilized cross between their 'Wasatch Beauty' and 'Pepper' tomato varieties. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
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