Gill's Red Heart Tomato
Gill's 'Red Heart' tomato.

Gill's Red Heart Tomato

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Productive plants with 5-12 oz., deep red, juicy, tart, globe-shaped fruits.
Red Heart Certified Naturally Grown Seed

95 days, indeterminate — The regular leaf plants are dense and productive. Its fruits range between five and twelve ounces in weight, are a dark, emerald green color that ripen to deep red, are globe to slightly oblate in shape, and have juicy, meaty flesh with few seeds. Their flavor is tasty, and balanced (not too tart, not too sweet). A good canning and processing tomato.

It should be noted that although "heart" is in its name, these are not an oxheart-type tomato. The name is in reference to its "blood red" color. Introduced by Gill Bros. Seed Company in 1939, they describe it as follow in their 1940 catalog:
"We also introduced this tomato with flesh the deepest red in color yet found. One that is heavy bearing, long keeping, globe shaped. It is sure to be a valuable shipping and canning variety. Fruits picked entirely green will develop into ripe fruits of excellent quality and bright blood red when cut."[1]
Our stock was grown out from USDA accession number PI 633481. Their records indicate that they received their seed directly from Gill Bros. Seed Company in 1941. As this is a new introduction for the 2017 gardening season, we are continuing to work to select the variety to match the historical. Until then, an occasional pink-fruited plant may pop up. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
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