Lime Green Salad Tomato
'Lime Green Salad' tomato.

Lime Green Salad Tomato

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Mild sweet, slightly tart after taste, very juicy.
Lime Green Salad Certified Naturally Grown Seed

85 days, dwarf — The rugose, regular leaf plants of 'Lime Green Salad' are compact and productive. The fruit are two to five celled, very flavorful, weigh between two to six ounces, globe-shaped, and green in color. The flesh, as its name implies, is lime green, very juicy, mild, sweet, with a slightly tart aftertaste.

We received this variety from author and tomato authority Craig LeHoullier. It was originally bred by Tom Wagner and introduced commercially by Peters' Seed Research in the mid-1980s. Although Mr. Wagner had reportedly named the variety 'Green Elf', it was renamed 'Lime Green Salad' (presumably by Peters' ?) when it was released. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
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