Lutescent Long Red Tomato
'Lutescent Long Red' tomato.

Lutescent Long Red Tomato

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Lutescent Long Red Certified Naturally Grown Seed

95 days, indeterminate — The regular leaf plants of 'Lutescent Long Red' have foliage that yellows as it matures, from the bottom of the plant up, similar to Livingston's 'Honor Bright', but not as pronounced. The fruits are medium sized (four to eleven ounces), deep globe shaped, and turn from a nearly white color to red at maturity.

'Lutescent Long Red' was originally sent to us in 2005 by Craig LeHoullier who said, "I think that you are now the world protector of 'Lutescent Long Red'! Craig received the variety from Clay Foard of Canada.

Clay wrote to us in 2006 stating, "I belong to Seeds of Diversity Canada, and the PGRC (Plant Gene Resource Canada) was attempting to utilize the members to grow out varieties that were getting long in the tooth storage wise. There was literally no information sent with the seeds."

Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
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