Heirloom and Rare
Orange & Yellow Tomato Seeds
Solanum lycopersicum formerly Lycopersicon esculentum

Packets contain approximately 20 seeds unless otherwise noted.
[Although we separate seeds during the harvest process, you may find small clumps of multiple seeds in your packet. Separate into individual seeds before sowing.]

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Please remember that maturity dates are from time of setting plants into the garden. Additionally these dates will vary from location to location and even from year to year. They are for general planning purposes only.

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Anna Banana Russian Tomato
A bright yellow to orange version of 'Anna Russian'.
Aunt Sophie's Tomato
Large (up to two pounds), heart-shaped, orange colored fruits that are meaty and tasty.
Azoychka Tomato
Very early, good sized (5-8 ounces) oblate shaped, yellow fruits.
Banana Legs Tomato
Similar in shape and color to a small banana.
Banana Toes Tomato
Early maturing, extremely compact but productive plants; Fruit borne in clusters of 4 to 6, elongated, paste-type, 2-4 oz., yellow ripening to orange color.
Banksia Queen Tomato
Delicious, juicy, pale-yellow flesh with a good balance of sweet and tart.
Barossa Fest Tomato
Smooth, globe shaped, pale yellow fruits with a bit of blossom-end blush; juicy with a nice sweet flavor and tart aftertaste.
Brandywine, Yellow - Tomato
Large fruit that weigh up to two pounds, are deep-yellow colored, and have an excellent flavor.
Burning Spear Tomato
This paste-type tomato is both beautiful and excellent tasting.
Casey's Pure Yellow Tomato
Oblate, 8 to 14 oz., yellow colored, some of which develop a blossom-end blush. Unusually tart for a yellow variety, but with a lingering sweet flavor.
Coyote Tomato
Tiny cherry tomato, ivory colored, very tasty.
Dixie Golden Giant Tomato
Clear lemon-yellow colored with some fruit having a pink blush.
Dr. Wyche's Yellow Tomato
One of the best yellow beafsteaks available. Meaty, firm textured, and excellent flavored.
Dwarf Awesome Tomato
Yellow with red streaking, 6-8 ounce, round to oblate-shaped, fruits with excellent flavor.
Dwarf Blazing Beauty Tomato
The flavor sparkles with an ample tart bite and is quite intense.
Dwarf Confetti Tomato
Delicious, 8-12 oz., round to slightly oblate shaped, bright yellow fruit with yellow and pink stripes.
Dwarf Desert Star Tomato
Productive. Fruit are nearly round, 1 oz., pale yellow, cherry-type with a balanced, sweet flavor. And excellent salad or snacking tomato.
Dwarf Eagle Smiley Tomato
Awesome little flavor bombs that explode in your mouth with an intense sugary goodness. Wow!
Dwarf Egypt Yellow Tomato
Beautiful, oblate shaped, bright yellow colored, 6-12 oz. tomatoes with juicy and mild.
Dwarf Elsie's Fancy Tomato
Beautiful, variegated plants that produce medium to large sized (4 to 12 ounce), oblate shaped, bright yellow fruit.
Dwarf Galen's Yellow Tomato
Slightly oblate, one ounce, golden-yellow colored cherry tomatoes with a balanced, sweet flavor.
Dwarf Golden Gypsy Tomato
Its flavors are intense, tangy, and simply delicious.
Dwarf Golden Heart Tomato
Blunt, heart-shaped, yellow fruit possessing a delightful, balanced, sweet flavor.
Dwarf Goldfinch Tomato
Medium to large, up to ten ounces or more, bright yellow colored, oblate shaped tomatoes with a well balanced, delightful flavor.
Dwarf Idaho Gem Tomato
True yellow (not orange), 4-14 oz., oblate shaped fruit that are juicy, sweet, and flavorfully mild; a well balanced, delightful flavor. This is a perfect meaty slicing tomato.
Dwarf Jasmine Yellow Tomato
Medium sized, four ounce, yellow colored, round shapes tomatoes with a well balanced, pleasant flavor.
Dwarf Laura's Bounty Tomato
Medium sized, four ounce, orange colored, paste-type tomatoes possess a pleasant, balanced flavor.
Dwarf Lemon Ice Tomato
Yellow, heart-shaped fruits that are meaty and have a good, mild, slightly tart flavor.
Dwarf Marong Moon Tomato
Small, three ounce, round, cherry-type, pale-yellow colored, pleasant, balanced flavored fruit.
Dwarf Moby's Cherry Tomato
Bright yellow to orange colored, flattened-globe shaped, one to two ounce cherry-type fruit.
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