Heirloom and Rare
Tomato Relatives
Packets contain approximately 20 seeds unless otherwise noted.

[Although we separate seeds during the harvest process, you may find small clumps of multiple seeds in your packet.  Separate into individual seeds before planting.]

[Growing Guide & More Information] [About Tomato Colors]

Please remember that maturity dates are from time of setting plants into the garden.  Additionally these dates will vary from location to location and even from year to year.  They are for rough planning purposes only.

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Cossack Pineapple Ground Cherry
Pineapple flavored, good in pies or for jams.
Garden Huckleberry
Half-inch, dark purple, almost black, fruit.
Morado Tomatillo (Purple Tomatillo)
Tomatillos are popular in Mexican salsas and picante dishes.
Mountain Pima Tomatillo
Tomatillos are popular in Mexican salsas and picante dishes.
Red Currant Tomato
Productive, flavorful, tangy, and interesting in salads and preserves.
Ted's Pink Currant Tomato
Small, sweet and mild fruits that are a beautiful pink color.
Toma Verde Tomatillo (Green Tomatillo)
Popular in Mexican salsas or picante dishes.

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