Pearson Improved Tomato
'Pearson Improved' tomato.

Pearson Improved Tomato

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Flattened-globe shaped, smooth, average about 7 ounces.
Pearson Improved

80 days, determinate — An improved version of the 'Pearson' tomato adapted for semi-arid regions. The fruit are red, flattened-globe shaped, beautifully smooth skinned, average about seven ounces and have a good taste. A good tomato for home garden and fresh market sales.

Like 'Pearson', it quickly became popular in the California tomato industry as a shipping and canning variety.[2] 'Pearson Improved' was bred by Dr. Oscar (O. H.) Pearson while he was the head of the breeding program at the Ferry-Morse Seed Company. It was released in 1942.[1] Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
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