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'Rosella Purple' tomato.

Rosella Purple Tomato
SOLD OUT until 2022

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Oblate, 6-12 ounce, deep purple-pink fruit. Intense, balanced flavor.

75 days, dwarf — 'Rosella Purple' is similar to 'Cherokee Purple' in color, size, shape and flavor but on a dwarf growing plant. Regular leaf, dark green rugose foliage, stout central stem, grows to three to four feet in height. Perfect for a large container or a small garden space. The fruits are oblate, ranging from six to twelve ounces, and ripen to a deep purple-pink color. Flavor is full, intense, balanced and delicious.

'Rosella Purple' originated from a cross between 'Budai' (a small red fruited dwarf) and 'Stump of the World', made in 2006 by Patrina Nuske Small in Australia. A subsequent selection discovered by Craig LeHoullier led to 'Rosella Purple'. It was grown out to its ninth generation before being released, and is a quite stable open-pollinated variety, but still may produce the occasional off-type plant.

Others involved in its development were David Lockwood (Australia), Lee Newman, Dee Sackett, Paola Gelmetti, Linda Black, Susan Anderson, Patty Brown, Reinhard Kraft (Germany) and Bill Minkey. It was introduce by the Victory Seed Company for the 2011 gardening season and was one of the first introductions from the Dwarf Tomato Project. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
My new favorite tomato!
I purchased this tomato along with the "New Big Dwarf" tomato and while both were very good tomatoes, I love this one the best. The fruits are big, meaty and super delicious! A beautiful color inside too! Other reviewers stated that it produced late in the season and that is true. It is Oct. 11 and it only just now set a ton of fruit. All are growing well. Next year I will start the seeds earlier and restrict the nitrogen in hopes of getting an earlier crop. Stayed disease free with weekly spraying. I shaded when temps went to 85 or above. Now I have to cover in plastic at night cause temps are dipping below 55. I just hope I can keep the plant happy long enough for the fruit to ripen! Been a long season!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from San Fernando Valley, CA. on 10/11/2017
What a tomato! This created heirloom dwarf is better tasting than both my Cherokee Purple and Paul Robeson varieties are this year. The taste is sweet,intense and complex. It was one of the earliest tomatoes to ripen in my garden. Also, Rosella Purple is the most productive of the six of my dwarf tomato varieties I'm growing out this year.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Zone 6a Spokane. on 8/7/2015
Crazy delicious!
I absolutely love the flavor of these Rosella's. I have five plants and all required staking. I grew two plants each in seven gallon fabric grow bags and I couldn't be happier. Next year I'll be trying many more Dwarf tomato plants from Victory Seeds.
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Reviewed by:  from Middle Tennessee. on 8/8/2015
Never got more than 6 inches ...
All five never made it out of their solo cup. Was grown indoors, under 300 watt LEDs. Growing at least ten other varieties, including dwarf and heirlooms. This was the only tomato that didn't make it. All seeds germinated fine but oddly dropped leaves frequently. Developed thick stalks, but foliage would just die, stunting growth. Every other tomato was fine, in the same soil, nutes, etc. The ones that were still alive developed weird growth at the nodes. As the majority of leaves died, I uprooted them to check and found none were root bound, and the roots looked fine. If I can grow Black Krim and German Johnson indoors, this should have been a breeze. Seriously disappointed.

VSC NOTES: Reviews are generally meant to describe the characteristics and attributes of a variety and not address specific cultural issues. However, this is interesting and may be of value to others. Personally, I do not have a theory why some of Ben's tomato plants do fine in the environment that he described while this one variety did not. As you can see from other reviewers, this is a popular and successful variety.

I do not believe that it is genetics that caused the plants to fail. We start all of the thousands of plants that we grow, indoors, under lights, including this variety, without fail. However, we use potting soil and not hydroponics. ~Mike
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Brooklyn, NY. on 1/30/2016
Late produce but plentiful
Flesh is a bit too dense and mushy but excellent sweet yet complex flavor. Might make a good, yet unusual, tomato for canning. It was very late to produce fruit.

Survived hot 90F and above temps in a fourteen-inch planter. Flowers would not set during the heat nor did the spring flowers. The first tomatoes were very small and misshapen. Toward the end of the season I was getting plenty of larger tomatoes. I had many not ripen on time before frost. Most flowers were dropped.

The plant will need staking due to the weight of the tomatoes. Most flowers if not all of them were megablooms. Almost all my tomatoes were oddly shaped. Sizes varied between five and nine ounces. I will try it again in 2017 in a larger planter and see if I can get it to start producing earlier.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Yucaipa, CA. on 12/19/2016
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