Stick Tomato
'Stick' tomato fruits.

Stick Tomato

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Stick Certified Naturally Grown Seed

65 days, indeterminate — 'Stick', also found marketed by some as 'Curl', is a very unique and interesting tomato plant. Its most obvious difference with all other tomato plants is that its vine's leaves develop into tight clusters resembling pom-poms. The fruits are globe shaped, red in color, up to three inches in diameter, on stalks that look like sticks. Their vines can reach up to about six feet high under the right conditions and do require support.

The plants can be greenhouse grown in large pots, again, requiring staking or other support, and seem to be slightly less productive when compared to field-grown plants.

Our parent seed came out of the USDA's gene bank as accession number PI 330725. It appears to be the old Gleckler Seed Company tomato variety called 'Stick' released in about 1958. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
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