Burpee's Table Talk Tomato
Burpee's 'Table Talk' tomato.

Burpee's Table Talk Tomato

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Burpee's 'Table Talk' Certified Naturally Grown Seed

75 days, indeterminate — Burpee's 'Table Talk' has regular leaf, compact bush-type plants but does not produce like determinate plants. The fruits exhibit good crack resistance, are medium sized (four to sixteen ounce), deep globe shaped, red in color with solid, meaty interiors. Once quite popular as a slicking variety.

Similar to 'Marglobe' from which it originated as a single-plant selection.[2] It was officially introduced in W. Atlee Burpee's 1942 seed catalog and became fairly widespread in tomato areas of the eastern United States. They described it as follows:
"A new, all-purpose tomato - a new and different type of fruit on a new kind of vine. The plant is short-stemmed and bushy, but with no self-topping tendency. The leaves are small and set closely together, dark green, thick and firm in texture, forming a dense mass of foliage which not only protects the fruit, but virtually hides it, especially in the center of the plant. The fruit, unusual in that it combines large size with deep globular form, averages 7 to 8-1/2 ozs. and maintains its size well throughout the season. The color is bright scarlet, uniform and attractive."[1]
We grew our seed from USDA ARS accession number PI 303711. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
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