Yellow Plum Tomato
'Yellow Plum' tomatoes.

Yellow Plum Tomato

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Yellow Plum Certified Naturally Grown Seed

70 days, indeterminate — 'Yellow Plum' is a very old variety that has been popular among gardeners for a very long time. The regular leaf plants are large, open, very productive, and do benefit from sturdy support.

It yields large amounts of small, 1 by 1¼ inch, oval-shaped fruits that taste mild and sweet. There are typically eight to ten fruits per cluster, some late fruits have slight neck. The perfect size for garnishing tossed salads or simply popping into your mouth as a snacking fruit. Another fun and tasty idea is to use them as the "egg" in "Vegan Deviled Eggs."

As mentioned previously, 'Yellow Plum' is old and one of the first named commercial varieties. As a matter of fact, it has remained popular, contributing to its survival, about as far back as tomato seeds became available in seed catalogs. The oldest reference that I could find in our horticultural library is the 1858, J. M. Thorburn & Co. catalog but by the 1870s, nearly all seed merchants were offering it to their customers. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
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