Yellow Stuffer (aka Golden Stuffer) Tomato
'Yellow Stuffer' tomato harvest.

Yellow Stuffer (aka Golden Stuffer) Tomato

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Unique bell pepper shape fruits with large open centers.
Yellow Stuffer Certified Naturally Grown Seed

80 days, indeterminate — Also seen marketed as 'Golden Stuffer', 'Yellow Stuffer' produces bell pepper shaped fruit that have large, open centers that are ribbed with the seeds being concentrated in a center seed cluster. The fruit weigh between four to eight ounces each, are bright yellow in color, ripening to a golden-yellow, and often have green tinged shoulders. As its name implies, 'Yellow Stuffer' is excellent as stuffing tomatoes, as the name implies.

Since the seeds are easily removed, the resulting edible container is perfect for receiving your favorite cold or hot salad. Click here for recipe ideas. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.

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