Rapidtest Digital Soil Thermometer
Rapidtest® Digital Soil Thermometer

Rapidtest Digital Soil Thermometer

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Rapidtest® Digital Soil Thermometer
by Luster Leaf®

Experienced gardeners and farmers know that sowing seeds in the ground, based solely on the calendar or moon phase, while disregarding actual climate conditions, is a recipe for failure. Knowing the average frost dates for your area is a good start, but every plant species have very specific temperatures that tell them that it is safe to wake up and start growing. Ideal for both outdoor gardening as well as indoor growing applications.

The Rapidtest® Digital Soil Thermometer by Luster Leaf® will remove the guesswork and help to improve your sowing and transplanting results by helping you plant when the soil is at the safe and proper soil temperature. The thermometer is durable and corrosion-resistant with a stainless steel probe tip that resists rust from moist soil.

*  Easy to read digital results.
*  Calibrated to measure soil temperatures from 32-90°F.
*  Germination and transplant temperatures guidelines included.
*  Helps to avoid seedling loss and transplant shock!


*  Product Dimensions: 9 x 1.4 x 1.8 inches.
*  Unit Weight 1.6 ounces.
* Three (3), 1.55 volt, #357 silver oxide batteries required and are included.
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